Current Workshops

With the exception of introductory workshops, Claire's workshops and celebrations are opened to Shamanic Journeyors who have worked with her individually, or in groups in the past. To schedule an introductory individual session please phone Claire at (603) 823-5566 or email her at Check the website periodically for dates and times for introductory workshops.

To register for any of these workshops, please send payment to Claire Von Karls, PO Box 803, Franconia, NH 03580. (Be sure to check deadline dates for when registration closes.).

For more information, contact Claire at (603) 823-5566, or email her at

Consider adding your name to our email list to receive notices of upcoming workshops and events.

Please visit the All Available Workshops and Dream Dancer sections, to see what other workshops Claire offers.

Spiritual Mentoring with Claire

Many of you have asked what opportunities there will be for us to explore spiritual work together. One opportunity I am offering is individual spiritual mentoring.

Each spiritual mentoring program will be designed to meet the personal needs of the individual signing up.

The program may include, but will not be limited to:

  • Monthly telephone (or in person) consultations
  • Reading
  • Personal spiritual practice and ritual
  • Information about Sacred Circles, and getting the most out of being in them
  • Training in, or review of, Shamanic techniques
  • Dreamwork
  • Opportunities to come together with others in the individual mentoring Programs to share in some of the work
Payments will be monthly, and will be determined on the basis of each individual program.

I am excited about this new mentoring opportunity for us to work together around your individual spiritual needs. For years I have been teaching a way of spiritual life that is powerful and healing on all levels of living! I look forward to sharing this with you in a very personal, creative way!

For more information please call Claire at (603) 823-5566, or email her at

Full Moon Journeying Group

"Cawing" All Journeyors!

Our Full Moon Journeying Series will begin in October - so far away? Not really! Time is flying!

We Journey "together" long distance each month during the Full Moon time. Each member of our group sends me their Journey via email. I compile them and send them to everyone. (See format below for more details.)

Our Full Moon Series lasts for nine months, and is divided into three parts, with three months in each part. You can sign up for each three month period separately, or sign up for the whole series at once.

Each three month period includes one telephone Journey group (thru Free Conference Call). The Journey Groups will last one and half hours, and will take place on Monday evenings, from 7:00pm to 8:30pm. This will be a time to check in with each other, and also Journey together!

The cost for each three months is $140 which includes the hour and a half Journey Circle. The cost for the whole series, including three Journey Circles, is $405! (A $15 discount)

It is time to sign up for the next three months of our Full Moon Journey Group - April, May and June! (You are not required to sign up for the whole series to be a part of each three month segment.)

Payment Deadline: Deadline for payment is Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Costs and Payment Options:
    $140.00 for 3 months of Full Moon Journeying plus 1 Phone Circle
      $405.00 for 9 months of Full Moon Journeying plus 3 Phone Circles

      Please send a check to Claire Von Karls, PO Box 803, Franconia, NH 03580.

        A. Each month I will email a Full Moon Agenda. This will include a brief explanation of the month's full moon, and any intuitive information that I am inspired to share. An "agenda" will also be included.
          B. At the Full Moon time ( on the day of the Full Moon, the day before the Full Moon, or the day after the Full Moon), you will Journey with the intent of the agenda, and email me your Journey. (You will Journey on your own - this is not an "in person" group experience).
            C. I will compile all the Journeys that I receive, and send them to everyone who has signed up for this experience. I ask that people not respond to individual Journeys, but use the Journeys for your own insight and spiritual growth.
              D. You may write about the impact of the Journeys, or a particular Journey, in your Journey material for the following month. (Ex. in your Nov. Journey material you may give feedback about the Oct. Journeys if you desire to do so.)

              For more information, please call Claire at (603) 823-5566, or email her at

              Winter Solstice Celebration

              Traditionally, this has been a time of reunion -- a time when those who have gathered in circle over the years return to enjoy the fellowship of our community. We meet to Journey, and to share in the "journeys" of our lives. In this way we acknowledge the Dark, and help bring in the Light of this special season.

              For more information, please call Claire at (603) 823-5566, or email her at

              Click to see pictures of one of our Winter Solstice Celebrations.

              Shamanic Healing Workshops

              2015 Spring Intensive Shamanic Workshop: The Healing Power of Story and Ritual

              We will gather together in circle to share our stories and our life journeys. We will learn about the power of this sharing, and the power of Shamanic Ritual. We will experience how Ritual can take us beyond ego, and have expansive and transformative effects on our lives. Individually, and as a circle, we will create rituals and ceremonies that will facilitate healing in ourselves and others!

              This workshop will be limited to a small group of people so that individual time and attention can be given to each participant. We will have the opportunity to reconnect with those we have worked with in circle over the years, and deepen our understanding and wisdom of our own spirituality. New Journeyors will be welcomed into the circle, if space allows.

              Our workshop will begin on Friday, May 8th, 2015, at 9am. We will work together until 9pm on Fri, and meet again on Saturday, May 9th, from 9am til 4:30pm. There may be an opportunity for a healing circle on Thursday evening (at a small additional cost).

              The cost of The Healing Power of Story and Ritual workshop is $350. This includes some catering, and money for supplies. Participants will be responsible for providing their Shamanic tools - drums, rattles, scarves, and healing items. They will also be asked to bring snacks to share.

              Commitment Deposit: $75.00 is due by November 30, 2014
              The remaining: $275.00 is due by January 31, 2015
              (Please contact Claire right away if you need to work out a payment plan).

              For more information, please call Claire at (603) 823-5566, or email her at


              Shamanic Healing Technique of Psychopomp

              This workshop focuses on a Shamanic Healing Technique referred to as Psychopomp work. It involves working in the Land of the Dead, and guiding souls into the Light. It also involves working with people who are dying to help prepare them to enter into the Light.

              Participation in the workshop is limited to experienced Journeyors who have good relationships with their Power Animals and Spirit Guides.

              If you would like more information about future Psychopomp workshops, please call Claire at (603) 823-5566, or email her at

              What participants said about this Shamanic Healing Workshop:

              I think the most noticeable and profound change for me has been my new attitude about myself and my connection to the spirit world. I accepted my deceased grandfather's offer to help me with quitting smoking, He revealed to me the secrets of my difficulty (which was also the secrets of his difficulty), and demonstrated in very real, painful, and terrifying physical terms, what it is like to die as a result of being a smoker. I have not smoked, or even desired to, for over a week now. I truly feel like a non-smoker now. I also realize how important it is to filter and protect myself from incoming information! I am beginning to re-visit my goals and dreams, searching deep within, asking for, accepting, and BELIEVING IN the guidance I receive from the Spirit World. I am daring to contemplate big changes like a career shift or re-location.   -- Donna

              What a great weekend! The psychopomp work inspires me to commit again to living passionately and to live well. I feel closer to loved ones who have died. I am more open to being a help when I read about people dying in a tragedy. This is different from just feeling sad or sickened by the news. The psychopomp work seems to peel away yet another layer for me as I learn about myself. I come home from our weekend refreshed and motivated. This is after I let myself take time to further cleanse and stabilize. Sometimes I've even gotten sick but not this time. I think I was more conscious of needing to take this time. I loved spending time with you and our circle. The hugs, the laughter, the love are so healing. To do such intense work with our group feels great. Thank you for the opportunity to be together and to do all the work we do. My life is richer because of it. And I'm continuing to change my family DNA.....hurray!   -- Betsy

              The weekend spent studying and performing psychopomp work was completely altering for me. I have been studying under you for over a decade, but this was my first experience doing psychopomp. I left the workshop with a deep sense of peace that I have been able to carry with me. It's like I finally "get it" - the work we do. How important it is, how we are connected to all things living and spirit, and how we are truly taken care of. This has changed my perspective deeply, and has provided me with the knowledge and faith to pass this work on with unwavering belief.   -- Megan

              The most important thing for me about the workshop was the sense of community we developed, and the support I felt when doing the work. I feel I will take that sense of community with me, as I continue to do my own work with the Spirits, and with others. Thank you for this opportunity to be a part of this supportive community.   -- Linda

              Shamanic Healing Techniques of Extraction and Healing in the Light

              Indigenous peoples around the world use ancient healing techniques to assess and treat physical and emotional imbalance. Two of these Shamanic techniques are called Extraction and Spiritual Light Healing.

              In this two and a half day workshop we learn and practice both of these ways of healing. We also learn how to combine these techniques to enhance the healing potency! Each person in the workshop will experience being the practitioner and being the client.

              The workshop will be limited to 8 participants to provide ample individual attention and aid. This workshop fills up quickly, so plan to register early.

              For information about dates and time of the next Shamanic Healing Workshop, please call Claire at (603) 823-5566, or email her at

              Shamanic Dreaming Weekend Workshops

              Once or twice a year, Claire and her husband and co-therapist, Fred Von Karls, present a weekend workshop focused on an aspect of Shamanic Dreamwork. Our weekends include deep spiritual work and play, creative experiential activities, opportunities for relating to nature, personal reflection time, and time for community connection. Participants report that these weekends are transformative on many levels, and say they look forward to returning each year.

              Last year's theme was:

              Shamanic Dreaming: Spirit of Life and Death

              We danced to the drumbeats of life and death, and felt their sacred interconnection. The dance of life is incomplete without the journey of death and all that is beyond. As we acknowledge, accept, and embrace this interconnection, we expand our possibilities for living a deeply fulfilling life, and taking our place in the web of all existence!

              Our transformative experience of life and death included:
            • Discovering our bone stories
            • Journeying to our own personal cave of dreams
            • Mapping our souls home
            • Exploring th land of the dead
            • Visioning the mysteries of the beyond

              What participants said about this Shamanic Dreaming Workshop:

              Claire & Fred, I am always amazed by your weekend workshops. With each workshop you guide us to look deep inside ourselves to face our fears. In the process we discover the courage, the strength, the love & forgiveness we did not know we possessed. We are able to not only face our fears but to overcome them. We emerge from our weekend together stronger, more confident, with a greater capacity to live life more fully, more joyfully, to love more deeply. Thank you!!   --Nora

              It was wonderful dancing in the dark and the light with you and Fred. Thank you for a wonderful, meaningful, powerful workshop. The work we do, the connections we have, the support we give, the tears we shed, the laughter we enjoy....good medicine. A weekend talking about death and dying... and I come home rejuvenated and ready to live better. To be with my Dream Dancer family and not only talk about death and dying, but make our own death plans, experience our own death, and hear the mourning of our powerful.   -- Betsy

              How special and meaningful this weekend has been for me. I am in awe of the journey and I thank you and Fred so much for the adventure that you took us on.   -- Tina

              My heart felt so free and full as I reflected upon our deep journey together. The feelings of being connected are wonderful and hopefully long lasting. Thank you.   -- Meredith

              Thank you so much for guiding me through your workshop, "Shamanic Dreaming: Spirit of Life and Death." Two words come to mind as I think about my experience in this workshop: Moving and Powerful. You two are wonderful teachers! But, you provide me with more than just useful information, although you give me much of that. You teach me the importance of feeling my own personal emotions, whatever they may be. You also teach me the value of expressing these feelings. Your workshops help me to tap into deeply felt emotions. This moving carries over into my daily life as I acknowledge and embrace my feelings and allow them to guide me in wonderful ways! You also teach me the importance of feeling and claiming my own personal power. You show me how expressing my creativity helps me to rediscover my authentic self, and thereby helps me to claim my personal power, and hold on to it! Thank you, Claire and Fred!   -- Larry

              I had a great weekend and so enjoyed both of you and seeing all my friends. I have not yet fully reflected on transformation but I am sure it is happening. Thanks so much for including me in your incredible healing community. More will be revealedů   -- Merle

              Thank you so much for this beautiful weekend! And, thank you and Fred for all you do!!! The Spirit of Life and Death was awesome!!!   -- Lucile

              Dream Dancers 2011 to 2012

              As Dream Dancers we delve deep into the mysteries of our dreams for personal growth, spiritual enlightenment, and empowering healing information.

              Over the course of eight months, we meet personally in circle two weekends in New Hampshire, and stay connected on a monthly basis thru Dreamtime adventures including Dreamwork agendas and Full Moon Journeying. In addition, each month we will meet in circle through a teleconference. (Individual Dreamwork sessions will also be available.)

              This year's Dream Dancer theme is "Dream Dancing: The Last Dance!"

              We focus on both personal and circle Dreamwork. As always, seasonal energies, healing ritual and ceremony, and Shamanic Journey are important elements of our work and play. We enter the mysterious realm of the Dream, dance to the rhythms of its music, and learn the language of our souls.

              The Dream Dancer Program is changing, and likely ending after this next year. It may transition into another format, or it may come to a close all together. If you have been considering being a Dream Dancer over the years, this may be your last opportunity to be a part of this very special circle!

              Let me know of your interest, and I will send you more specific information about format, dates, and commitments.

              Fire circle

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