Ancient Wisdom

Boulder "The Earth speaks to us with many voices. If you are still, and listen, you can hear Her heart beat with yours. If you close your eyes and dream, you will see who you truly are. Walk the Earth, feel Her Spirit. Walk the Earth, feel your Soul!"

Our ancient ancestors lived their lives in deep communication and connection with nature. They moved with a sense of balance, intuition, and vision, that we have lost touch with today.

Indigenous cultures around the world still engage in an earth-based spirituality that honors the spirit of all things, and emphasizes harmony, respect, and responsibility to all in the web of life.

Exploring this ancient wisdom, and incorporating it into our own spiritual practices, helps us regain that sense of connection, opens our perception, and gives us a new sense of power and magic in our lives.

Shamanism is one name for this Ancient Wisdom. Some of the basic elements of Shamanism include:
  • Everything has a spirit and is to be respected. We are to be in relationship with, NOT in charge, of everything and everyone.
  • We are all connected. There is a web of life and we are to be in harmony with that web.
  • Community is very important. Intentional living within that community is equally important.
  • Connection with nature is essential to living in harmony with yourself and others
  • Our Dreamtime reality is as important as our waking reality, and in fact guides us
  • Other dimensions, sometimes called the Spirit World, are as real as the dimension we live in. So -- Spirits of Ancestors; mystical figures; Spirits of Wise Animals; are all available for support and advice.
  • Ceremony and ritual have important roles in accessing intuitive wisdom.
  • Drums, rattles, other percussion instruments; singing and dancing, and art, are all used to help enter a deep state of relaxation or trance. This is referred to as Shamanic Journeying.
Working with these elements of Shamanism can help us to:
  • Find more meaning and purpose in our daily lives
  • Feel more centered and focused
  • Learn to identify and act more on our intuitive messages
  • Feel a deeper connection with nature, and ourselves
  • Experience a sense of community with other "explorers"
  • Trust ourselves and our decisions
  • Feel more empowered, alive, and joyful
We come together in circle to engage in ceremony and ritual, spiritual practice, and joyful community. We enhance our experiences through drumming, dancing and singing. As we create sacred space together, we gain access to our intuitive knowledge, and the wisdom it teaches.

"In this way may we learn from the Earth
That we walk feeling blessed
That we gift Mother Earth with gratitude
That we listen without asking
That we experience relationship with all things
In this way may we learn from the Earth"

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