Psychotherapy and Counseling

Claire began her work as a psychotherapist over 40 years ago. At that time, the field of counseling emphasized very conservative psychological approaches, that did not usually take the whole person into consideration. Fortunately, she began to work with a group of professionals who supported her view that working with people within a larger context -- that is, seeing them as unique, creative, spiritual, having the inner resources to change -- all contribute to helping them become healthier and happier in their lives. Her deep interests in Dreamwork, imagination, experiential activities, all became immensely useful in her work with clients.

Today the world of counseling is changing, moving toward a more dynamic experience. More conventional counseling, which emphasizes one on one talk therapies, is expanding to include a broader focus on physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. New approaches promote prevention and wellness -- the secrets to satisfaction and pleasure in our lives, and what sustains and enlivens us through stressful and difficult times.

Claire's office Counseling now teaches people innovative strategies to reduce stress by exploring and practicing "irresistible communication." It also provides a structure for them to seek more meaning in their lives through exercise, improved relationships, and deepening their own personal spiritual growth.

Remarkably, ancient healing practices of native peoples are being accepted as a legitimate part of medical school training in healthcare treatment. Harvard Medical School and the National Institutes of Health are two examples of institutions that are both researching and realizing the benefits that native healing techniques can have on recovery from physical and mental illnesses. New scientific evidence supports the modern application of what used to be thought of as "primitive" rituals, i.e. drumming, dancing, and chanting. Furthermore, creative work with the positive effects of sound, movement, and spending time in nature, are being regarded as viable and valuable treatment approaches in healthcare.

Claire believes that a good foundation in conventional mental health counseling skills is essential in providing valuable services, but she also knows the benefits and positive outcomes of these more dynamic approaches to treatment. Therefore, in addition to traditional therapies, she offers clients opportunities to engage in some of these innovative experiences, such as movement, art, and meditative drumming. She also brings her own training in ancient healing practices to her work. These practices often include helping clients to develop their own creative talents, to trust and use their intuition, and to form a deeper connection to nature and to their community.

Claire works with individuals, couples, and families. She also facilitates therapeutic groups, and workshop experiences.

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