All Available Workshops

Below is a list of all workshops Claire offers. Please check out Current Workshops to see which ones are currently planned.

If you see a workshop that interests you, and it is not currently offered, please contact Claire, and she will look into the possibility of putting it on the schedule.

Intuitive wisdom

In this experiential workshop we will explore various methods of tapping into our intuitive wisdom - some that have been used in ancient and indigenous cultures around the world. One particular method we will learn about includes the use of a drumbeat that helps draw us into a relaxed, meditative state. Other methods include guided imagery, movement to music, and sound.

Allowing Your Dreams to Speak

Dreaming can be a powerful and enriching part of our lives. Dreams can help us feel more rested, bring us clarity, and help us find our own sense of inner wisdom. In this workshop we will learn about different kinds of dreaming, and how to most effectively use our dreaming insights. We will learn how to remember our dreams, understand our dreams better, and work with our dreams on a deeper level. You may want to bring a dream to share.

Simple Spiritual Ways to Celebrate Life and Death


We will discuss, and experience, things we can do to be mindful of our own sense of spirituality, and to connect with those we love. Doing these things can help us create personal ways to honor the cycles of life and death.

Basics of Healing

We explore the many of aspects of healing, focus on the basic elements that create healing, and engage in healing exercises! Come prepared to Journey, and to participate in other experiential activities, as we learn to use the healing potential in our lives!

Spirit Dance

Ancient people received messages of healing and transformation as they moved through ritual, ceremony, and dance. We will follow their path, being open to Spirit, and our own intuitive wisdom. As we directly experience nature, connect with each other, and engage in various meditative practices, we inspire creativity and wholeness in our lives.

Healing Tools of Nature and the Dreamtime

The intent for this workshop is for us to gain knowledge and experience in working with specific shamanic healing techniques that we can incorporate into our daily lives to enhance health and harmony.

Bear Dreams

Bear will lead us into the Dreamtime and help us work with our own dreams. Together we will shamanically experience our powerful and intimate relationship with Bear, and the "Medicine" Bear can offer us.

Ritual Dance

This one day workshop will include repetitive movement to music that invites us into a trance state. It will also include free dancing to music, and trance dancing to drums, chants, and music. We may or may not Journey in our usual ways.

Crow Medicine

Crow invites us to look deep into ourselves, into our own nature; then inspires us to "fly" with who we truly are!

Healing in the Winter Light

The light that we invoke at solstice grows, brightening the winter landscape, encouraging us to nurture and feed the growing light within each of us. Through Shamanic Journeying, and other meditative exercises, we focus on the power of "light", to create personal healing and spiritual experience.

Soul Retrieval

Shamanism teaches that under certain conditions pieces of ourselves "leave" us, draining our power, and sometimes causing illness. In this workshop we will learn the special shamanic techniques required to Journey to retrieve lost soul parts. The intensive work involved makes it necessary to meet for longer than a weekend.

Rites of Romance

A weekend for couples to rekindle the passion in their relationship.

Shamanic Journey

We come together in circle to explore techniques of ritual, ceremony and shamanic journeying. We enhance these techniques through drumming, dancing and singing. As we create sacred space we gain access to ancient wisdom and healing power that we can use for ourselves and others.

Creating Sacred Ritual

We often think about ritual as a path to something else, the means to an end. For instance, the lighting of a candle that moves us to a deeper level of prayer. While this is certainly true, it is also true that the act of performing ritual can itself bring forth healing and transformation.

Embracing the Feminine Divine

Women are being drawn to return to a more balanced sense of spirituality, one that re-vitalizes the divine feminine within us. In this experiential workshop we will explore some of those paths we are finding to re-member who we once were, and to feel that same sense of harmony with nature, and with ourselves.

Mists of Avalon

Women meet for weekly sessions to learn about the patriarchy through discussing the book; and to experientially understand the priestess life in pre-Christian times through creating ritual and ceremony.

Women of the Dreamtime

Women commit to meeting throughout the "wheel of the year" to celebrate ancient seasonal holidays

The Goddess Within

a weekend of celebrating womanhood, including singing, dancing, drumming, meditation, ceremony and ritual, tarot card readings etc.

Mothering Ourselves

We discover the nourishing resources of our souls that enable us to channel our creativity, compassion, and loving skills, into mothering ourselves!

Wheel of the Year

Learning about the ancient seasonal holidays, and how to celebrate them (Solstices, Equinoxes etc)

Discovering the Poet Within

-The Language of Dreams, Images, Rhythm and Movement (with renowned poet, Reggie Marra) By intentionally engaging both internal and external images and rhythms, we'll discover the language of poetry that lives at and below the surface. No poetry-writing experience is required.

Celestial Beings and Spirits of the Earth

We explore the relationship between these Spirits, and how we can pay attention to their guidance in our lives.

Shamanic Healing and the Death Process

We learn specific techniques to help people in this process, and help their loved ones heal.

Shamanic Extraction

We learn about ancient healing techniques of assessment and treatment used by indigenous peoples around the world, that can bring balance back into the body.

Dreams and Divination

Our ancient ancestors lived their lives in deep communication and connection with nature. They trusted in the Divination process to enhance that connection. They valued their Dreams, and knew that Dreams offered them important information about the past, the present, and the future. We explore this wisdom today to help us regain a sense of intuitive power, balance, and vision in our own lives.

Medicine from the Soul

We follow the wisdom of our ancient ancestors, who gathered round their tribal Fires to Dream, and lived in connection with their Dreamtime experiences. And so, we too gather round our Fires of Dreamtime inspiration, imagination, and insight -- opening to the connection and transformation they can bring us.

Flying Home -- A "Wicked" Shamanic Adventure

Wicked is the story of Elfaba, the "wicked green witch of the west" from the Wizard of Oz. Elfaba struggles to find herself, and to "fit" into society. She is ostracized for being "green", and for not doing what it take to be "popular". She longs to be discovered by the Wizard, who will recognize her talents. There comes a time when Elfaba is forced to choose between trusting others and trusting herself. In choosing herself she faces dire consequences, but she also feels the personal freedom and empowerment that goes with following her heart. And thus, she is able to fly! We come together to explore our personal stories and to experience the joy of finding ourselves - of flying home!

Spirit of Life and Death

We dance to the drumbeats of life and death, and feel their sacred interconnection. The dance of life is incomplete without the journey of death and all that is beyond. As we acknowledge, accept, and embrace this interconnection, we expand our possibilities for living a deeply fulfilling life, and taking our place in the web of all existence!

Seasonal Celebrations

We gather together in circle to celebrate the ancient seasonal holidays associated with the wheel of the year. We follow the light -- as it begins to shine brighter at winter solstice, and as it grows and fades throughout the year. As we move with the light, we pay attention to nature's shifts in energy, and how we can we can be more in harmony with them.

Dream Dancers

(an eight month experiential program) Dancing our dreams requires patience, focus, and a sense of adventure. Above all, it requires a willingness to enter a realm of mystery. As Dream Dancers, we give up the "intellectual " search for the "answers", but rather enter the realm of mystery, and allow our dreams to lead us, allow their rhythms to merge with our own. As Dream Dancers we follow the "music" into the mystery!

The Shamanic Leadership Program

This program requires advanced experience in circle work, Journeying and ritual. It also requires a deep level of commitment to yourself, the other participants in your program, and to the work. I ask those who are interested to write to me about themselves, and why they are interested in the program.

Individual consultation sessions

Claire also offers individual consultation sessions using one or more of these experiential techniques. These sessions may include counseling around a life issue, spiritual guidance, or Journeying.

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