Claire Von Karls Claire Von Karls is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, with a Private Practice in Sugar Hill, NH. For over 40 years she has worked as a psychotherapist, counselor, and workshop presenter.

Claire is also a Shamanic Practitioner and Dreamworker. She has extensive training in earth-based spirituality, Native American philosophy, and experiential Dreamwork skills. Her workshops focus on Practical Dreamwork, personal empowerment, intuitive wisdom, and ancient methods of healing.

Claire believes that each of us has an inner wisdom that can help us find solutions to difficult issues in our lives, and help us feel better about ourselves. She sees herself as a guide to that inner wisdom, and companion / witness during the journey along the way. An important element of discovering our own inner wisdom is recognizing that we are not alone, but are all part of the larger community of life. As a guide in this creative process, Claire has seen her clients make remarkable transformative changes in their lives.

Claire has a passion for dreaming, listening, and laughing! She loves to write, to dance, and to play. She has a deep appreciation for her own journey, and all who join her on that journey.

Claire invites you to learn more about the services and experiences she offers by exploring this website. You may also contact her by phone at (603) 823-5566, or through email at cvonkarls1@gmail.com.

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