Dream Dancers 2011 to 2012

Claire Von Karls As Dream Dancers we delve deep into the mysteries of our dreams for personal growth, spiritual enlightenment, and empowering healing information.

Over the course of eight months, we meet personally in circle two weekends in New Hampshire, and stay connected on a monthly basis thru Dreamtime adventures including Dreamwork agendas and Full Moon Journeying. In addition, each month we will meet in circle through a teleconference. (Individual Dreamwork sessions will also be available.)

This year's Dream Dancer theme is
"Dream Dancing: The Last Dance!"

We focus on both personal and circle Dreamwork. As always, seasonal energies, healing ritual and ceremony, and Shamanic Journey are important elements of our work and play. We enter the mysterious realm of the Dream, dance to the rhythms of its music, and learn the language of our souls.

The Dream Dancer Program is changing, and likely ending after this next year. It may transition into another format, or it may come to a close all together. If you have been considering being a Dream Dancer over the years, this may be your last opportunity to be a part of this very special circle!

Let me know of your interest, and I will send you more specific information about format, dates, and commitments.

Reflections from One Dream Dancer:

What If?

What if you could have a personal coach to help you with life issues. To help you with issues connected with aging, with relationships with children and grandchildren. To help with significant other relationships. To guide you through life crisis. To help you find the meaining of life. To help you find your strengths. To encourage and support you as you experience new adventures. To encourage you to find your passion. To encourage you to feel good about yourself. To help you see the magic in everyday and in every situation and every person. To help you trust yourself and your strength and abilities. To cheer you and pick you up. To keep you company on life's path.

What if you had a coach who could do all that?

Well, I have one. In fact, I have a whole team of coaches.

I feel truly blessed.

Elizabeth K. (Tiger Woman)
Music Educator

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