Our souls speak to us from the depths of our dreams....
They speak to us of ancient mysteries, stirring the hidden memories in our hearts and in our bellies....
They beckon us to follow -- enter our dreams and discover; follow our dreams and create; dance our dreams into life.

Sand Ancient peoples valued Dreams in their lives. They knew that Dreams offered them important information about the past, the present, and the future. They understood that Dreams revealed the secrets of their Souls, and the mysteries of the Earth.

Dreaming can be a powerful and enriching part of our lives. Dreams can help us feel more rested, bring us clarity, and enable us to find our own sense of inner wisdom. When we explore our Dreams in creative ways, we can experience the healing effects they have in our lives.

In Creative Dreamwork we delve deep into the mysteries of our dreams for personal growth, spiritual enlightenment, and empowering healing information.

Some things we learn in Dreamwork include:
  • How to remember our dreams
  • Various types of dreams and dreaming
  • The multitude of ways to work with our dreams.
  • How to understand our dreams better
  • How to most effectively use our dreaming insights.
Creative Dreamwork is done in both individual sessions and in workshops. Sometimes people like to engage in Dreamwork on a one on one basis. Often times they find it enlightening to work in a group setting. In either case, the work is highly experiential, and may include creative writing, artwork, guided imagery, ceremony and ritual, singing and dancing, rattling and drumming.

It is through the Dream that we are Healed. We step into it's mysterious realm, dance to the rhythms of its music, and learn the language of our souls.

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