Fear and Love - Part 1

Fear and Love
  • Fear tells us we are alone / Love assures us we are surrounded by Beings who love and support us
  • Fear tells us we can't / Love tells us we can do all that our hearts and bodies can ever imagine
  • Fear is to be understood / Love is a Beautiful Mystery
Fear comes in many flavors - isolation, depression, distraction, procrastination, denial, resistance, anger, addiction, and others.

We are all dealing with Fear. To get to know Fear means really looking at ourselves; recognizing and accepting our challenges. It means acknowledging that we are going to die; that we have limited time in this human form. It means searching for, and being willing to see why we chose to come into this life, and to take the form we took.

When we get to know Fear so intimately, we get glimpses, and sometimes strong memories, of where we came from; the pure love, joy, and connection we have experienced in being "formless" energy. We may find ourselves longing for that deep sense of "home."

Perhaps the "worst" and the "best" thing about getting to know Fear is that it leads us to opportunities to change our lives! And we know what that means - risks, leaps of faith, taking responsibility, giving up all the ways we say "I can't." And one more thing - it opens the door to limitless experiences of love.

Remember - Fear is to be understood; Love is a Beautiful Mystery!!

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